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Check Customer Journey

Check customer journey allows you to track and monitor your customers’ interactions and product activity in real-time. This user guide will walk you through the steps to effectively check your customer’s journey and product-related actions on NestDesk. How to check

Preview Customer Cart

Overview Preview customer cart is a powerful feature that allows customer support agents to assist online shoppers by viewing their shopping carts in real-time during chat interactions Why is “Preview customer cart” helpful? Preview customer cart feature helps you have

Integrate NestDesk with Facebook

By integrating Facebook into NestDesk, you can easily manage and reply to messages from your Facebook pages right inside NestDesk How NestDesk works with Facebook: In this post, you will learn how to integrate your Facebook page with NestDesk. Let’s

Help Desk

In this article, you will learn about HelpDesk and how to add HelpDesk in live chat. Let’s get started now! First off, make sure you’ve logged into NestDesk. If you don’t have a NestDesk account, please create a new one