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  • 10/06/2024
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There are some circumstances that may lead to this situation which will duplicate a single customer. For example is when one customer texted you, and the other day they used another browser to hit on live chat. Check their information and ask them to make sure that the two accounts are the same person. 

In this post, you will learn how to merge customer in NestDesk. Let’s get started now! 

How to merge customer 

First off, make sure you’ve logged in your NestDesk account. If you don’t have an account, please register one here

  1. In the left sidebar, click on Conversation > open a conversation 
  2. On the upper right side, click on Search customer bar
Merge customer information in NestDesk
  1. Click on Merge button at a Customer profile that is the same with that New customer
  2. Choose Confirm at the pop up question 
Confirm to merge customer information

The new contact after merging will display the same as the contact you merged it with:

Confirm to merge customer information

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Need any help?

If you need any assistance with NestDesk, feel free to contact us via live chat in-app or email [email protected].

Our support team is happy to help. 


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