NestAds Topics

NestAds Pixel Overview 

In this post, you will learn the overview of NestAds Pixel – What it is, How it works, and How it differentiates from platform pixel. Let’s get started now!  What is NestAds Pixel?  NestAds pixel is a piece of code

TikTok Ads Audience Report

Overview The TikTok audience report is an invaluable tool in Business Intelligence – NestAds new feature for businesses using TikTok to promote their brand and products.  TikTok audience reports can be a powerful tool for businesses to better understand their

Cohort Analysis In NestAds

Overview Cohort analysis plays a crucial role in tracking and comprehending customer behavior trends, enabling well-informed choice. sand identify valuable customer groups for retention.  Analyzing cohorts helps you understand how much revenue a new customer will generate over time, and

E-commerce Report

In this post, you will learn about E-Commerce report in NestAds – what it is & how it works. Let’s get started now!  What is E-Commerce Report in NestAds? E-Commerce report provides you with insights into your sales performance from