Attribution models in NestAds

  • 19/02/2024
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In this article, you will learn about what attribution models are available in NestAds and how they work. Let’s get started now! 

What is Attribution Model?

Attribution model is the rule that determines how credit for sales is assigned to touchpoint(s) in the conversion path. 

There are many attribution models and they often operate differently for various purposes. Each attribution model gives you a different view of the influence of touchpoints on the final purchase. 

What are Attribution Models available in NestAds?

At NestAds, there are 4 attribution models as shown below:

Last Platform Click model


How it works: 100% of an order’s value is attributed to the last click on each platform.

  • Use Case 1: If a customer clicks once on each platform, the total revenue of their order attributes 100% to each platform.
  • Use Case 2: If a customer clicks on Facebook ad #1, #2, then a TikTok ad, and finally a Google Branded Search ad, Facebook ad #2, TikTok ad, and Google ad each receive full credit.

When to use: Opt for the Last Platform Click model when you want to prioritize and attribute the entire credit for a conversion to the last platform clicked by the user before making a purchase, focusing on the immediate impact of the final touchpoint in the customer journey.

Last Click model


How it works: 100% of an order’s value is attributed to the last click.

  • Use Case: The entire order value is credited to the platform or touchpoint the user interacted with immediately before completing the order.

When to use: Choose the Last Click model for a straightforward assessment that attributes full credit to the last platform or touchpoint interacted with before an order, offering precise insights into the immediate impact on your transactions.

First Click model


How it works: If a customer clicks on multiple ads before making a purchase, the ad receiving credit is the first one they click on.

When to use: Utilize the First Click model if you want to know which channel or ad drives initial interest in your product/brand, distinguishing between channels that create versus assist in interest.

Linear model

When an order is created, the order value is divided equally among the clicks/touchpoints


How it works: If a customer engages with multiple touchpoints, each channel receives an equal share of the credit.

When to use: The Linear model ensures a clear, unduplicated view of orders and conversion value, offering comprehensive analysis and fair recognition to each channel.

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