What is NestAds by NestScale ? 

  • 19/02/2024
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Discover all basic things about NestAds – What NestAds is, what you can do with it, and who should use it.  

What is NestAds? 

NestAds is a server-side conversion tracking and attribution platform built exclusively for Shopify stores. 

With powerful data collection & visualization, NestAds helps you stay focused on important metrics that matter and make more informed business decisions. 

It centralizes your ad data from Facebook, Google & TikTok in an intuitive dashboard. No more guesswork for attribution, NestAds pixel tracks first-party data down to the ad level. 

Spend less time wrangling data and more time using it to grow your businesses.

What can you do with NestAds? 

All-in-one Dashboard

NestAds centralizes precise attribution data from various advertising channels into a single, user-friendly dashboard. Through comprehensive data collection and visualization, you gain a holistic view of your advertising efforts and their impact on business growth.

   – Access a unified advertising data dashboard, simplifying your view.

   – Seamlessly integrate with Shopify, TikTok, Meta, and Google.

   – Compare ad performance using key metrics.

   – Understand the detailed customer journey and specific orders generated from ad campaigns.

Precise Ad Tracking and Attribution

NestAds, functioning as a server-side tracking tool, facilitates the collection and processing of accurate first-party data in a privacy-friendly manner. Employing NestAds’ multi-touch attribution model, you can pinpoint the digital touchpoints and campaigns driving sales with the best return on investment (ROI).

   – Utilize server-side tracking based on first-party data, independent of browser cookies.

   – Navigate through challenges like iOS 14 blockage and Google’s third-party cookie phase-out.

   – Choose from multiple attribution models and flexible attribution windows.

   – Analyze aggregated conversion paths.

Uncover Customer Insights

No more guesswork—NestAds enables a deeper understanding of your customers and their buying habits. These insights are valuable for defining customer lifetime value (CLTV), identifying top-selling products, and refining your retention strategy.

   – Breakdown audience analysis.

   – Conduct customer cohort analysis.

   – Explore the detailed customer journey.

In-depth Creative Analysis

NestAds’ Creative Analysis feature makes it easy to find the winning creative formulas. Track the performance of your creatives across different campaigns and compare them based on various metrics.

   – Centralize creatives from TikTok and Facebook in one place.

   – Monitor creative trends and compare key metrics across your creatives.

   – Zoom in on the key metrics of individual creatives and evaluate their performance between campaigns.

   – Filter creative data by platform, attribution model, timerange, and more.

Launch, analyze, and scale winning TikTok ads 

New to TikTok ads? Can’t figure out how to promote your products on TikTok without wasting time and money? 

NestAds provides a variety of useful tools that help your ads convert. 

  • Simple ad creation process
  • Creative studio 
  • +30 predefined audience templates 
  • One-click TikTok pixel installer 
  • TRR funnel – built exclusively for eCommerce 

Who should use NestAds? 

NestAds is best for Shopify owners, marketers, media buyers, and agencies who want to get actionable insights and make informed business decisions based on precise & visualized tracking data.  

Need more help? 

Feel free to contact us via live or email at [email protected]


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