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  • 05/12/2023
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In this post, you will learn all basic things about TikTok Ads review and how to pass it quickly. Let’s get started now!

What is TikTok Ads Review? 

After you submit the ad campaign, TikTok will review your ads to make sure it complies with TikTok Advertising Policy. 

Most ads are typically reviewed within 24 hours. 

You can check the status of your ad group or ad in the Status column of your account.

Check the meanings of all ad statuses below: 

TikTok ads review status

First Level StatusSecond Level StatusMeaning
1. DeletedCampaign deletedThe campaign has been deleted.
Ad group deletedThe ad group has been deleted.
Creative deletedThe ad has been deleted.
2. Not deliveringAccount in reviewThe status of the ad account after creating an ad account or modifying an ad account.
Account not approvedThe review of the ad account failed.
Account penalizedAd account is disabled due to violation of ads policy.
Payment unsuccessful or insufficient balanceThe account balance is not enough.
Contract has not taken effectThe contract is not in effect.
Campaign out of budgetInsufficient budget for the campaign.
Ad group out of budgetInsufficient budget for the ad group.
Outside of scheduleThe ad has been set the scheduled time, and it hasn’t reached the scheduled time.
In reviewWhen a new ad is created, the ad will go through the review process first.
Qualification neededRelevant qualification is needed.
ExpiredRelevant qualification have expired.
DisapprovedRelevant qualification is not approved.
Pixel UnauthorizedPixel is unauthorized.
Music copyright missingMusic copyright is not available.
Edited for reviewThe review process has been triggered again when edited.
Not approvedThe review failed.
Not exploredStatus only for Automated Creative Optimization, the creative has not been combined successfully.
ExploringStatus only for Automated Creative Optimization, the combined creative is exploring.
No creativesA new campaign or ad group with no creative.
3. CompletedAd group completedThe schedule time is over and the ad delivery is completed
Ad group terminatedOrder withdrawn during flight.
4. InactiveThe campaign has been paused, and there is no other status.
Campaign inactiveThe campaign has been paused.
Ad group deletedThe ad group has been paused.
Ad inactiveThe ad has been paused.
Low performanceStatus only for Automated Creative Optimization, the ad has been paused because of poor performance.
5. ActiveThe ad is delivering (including only partial placements are available for delivering).
Edited for reviewThe review process has been triggered again because of re-editing.
Best performanceStatus only for Automated Creative Optimization and the ad performs excellent.
Good performanceStatus only for Automated Creative Optimization and the ad performs well.
6. Closed (Only available for Reach & Frequency ad groups/ads)No valid adsThe ad group covers either of the following conditions:
1.​ All creatives are deleted.
2.​ No creative added.
Ads disapprovedAll creatives are rejected.
Prepay deduction failedInsufficient balance.
Reservation cancelledOrder withdrawn by advertiser before campaign.
Invalid account statusTikTok Ads Manager account or Business Center account invalid.

Changes that trigger Review process

The following changes In order to trigger a new review process, please make these changes to previously approved ads or ad groups

  • ​Targeting (except for age targeting)
  • ​Creative (images, ad text, links, videos, etc.)

Check out the table below to view it in detail. 

LevelFieldDoes the field support editing?Will editing the field trigger a new review?
CampaignBuying TypeNo
Advertising ObjectiveNo
Campaign NameYesNo
Create Split TestNo
Ad GroupAd Group NameYesNo
Promotion TypeNo
Placement TypeNo
Block List (Pangle)YesYes
User CommentYesNo
Video DownloadNo
Creative TypeNo
Targeting (Age/Location/Language)YesYes
Budget & ScheduleYesNo
Bidding & OptimizationYesNo
Display NameYesYes
URL LinkYesYes
Call to ActionYesNo
Profile ImageYesYes

Tips to pass the review process quickly 

Make sure your ads are following these tips to ensure a smoother review process: 

  • Ensure language in your ad creative and copy are accepted in your target location(s). 
  • Remove any symbols, incorrect spelling, or gimmicky use of spelling in your ad creative, ad copy, and display name. 
  • Avoid copy or creative which advises users to take actions that aren’t supported on the app, like swiping up to download or displaying a mouse cursor. 
  • Make sure you’re using high-quality media that meets our
    image specifications and video specifications
  • Make sure that your ad creative and display name are consistent with your landing page. 
  • Ensure that any products featured in an ad are consistent with those shown on your landing page. 
  • Avoid using any elements without required permission in both your ad and your landing page. This includes brands, hashtags, copyrighted media, imitations and replicas. If you have proper authorization, upload your authorization documentation in the Account Settings under Business Verification. 
  • Last but not least, ensure your video ad includes background audio (music or sound) that is clear and coherent. Audio is required for video ads. 

How to not get suspended

Need any help?

If you have any questions or need help, feel free to contact us via live chat or email at [email protected] Our support team is happy to assist! 


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