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  • 27/02/2024
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In your first campaign, selecting Targeting is the best way to reach people who are interested in your products. While Retargeting is converting leads who showed interest in your products into paying customers and Retention is targeting existing customers with new offers to drive repeat purchase and increase customer lifetime value

The best way to set up targeting in your campaign

To effectively advertise on TikTok, it’s important to first gather information about potential customers who are interested in your products by tracking action events on TikTok pixel such as adding items to their cart or viewing product pages, before identifying those who are truly interested in purchasing your products.

First, in Campaign, your Campaign objective is Conversion, this is the best choice because your first priority is sales. 

Second, in Ads group, these are the most important things you might consider

– Optimization event: choose Add to Cart event. This option will help TikTok Ads learn more about your audience before it moves to the next learning phase. 

– Targeting: Make the settings as simple as possible. Broad targeting is recommended in the first campaign. 

– Schedule: Running 3-5 days is suitable. After this time range, let’s check and analyze your first camp. 

– Bidding: Please set the lowest cost. 

Finally, in Ads, try to make at least 2 ads with two different videos. Also, make sure your videos are good and they have incentive content.

TikTok Ads prefer you run as many attractive video content as possible. This will make your ad performance better

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