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Track Your Customer Journey

Have you ever wanted to know the touchpoints customers go through before purchasing? It’s important to understand more than just which platform they used to make the purchase. Knowing about customer behavior and insights can help you identify the areas

NestAds Pixel: Performance report 

In this post, you will learn about NestAds Pixel performance report – How to read and get insights from it. Let’s get started now!  What is NestAds Pixel performance report?  NestAds Pixel performance report gives you a clear view of

Creative Analysis

In this post, you will learn how Creative Analysis works and help the advertiser optimize their creatives effectively. Let’s get started now! Overview Of Creative Analysis As its name suggests, Creative Analysis feature enables you to analyze creative performance for

TikTok’s Pixel API: everything you need to know

Starting from NestAds version 1.3, we’ve enhanced the TikTok Pixel by integrating advanced TikTok Pixel API technologies. This upgrade offers numerous advantages compared to the standard TikTok pixel. Are you familiar with these improvements? Let’s explore the benefits in detail!