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  • 27/08/2023
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Welcome to NestDesk! We are so glad to have you onboard! 😊😊😊

This post includes all the basic steps to help you get up and running fast with NestDesk. Let’s get started now! 

NestDesk onboarding checklist 

Follow 5 simple steps below to get started with NestDesk.

1. Create a NestDesk account 

2. Customize chat widget 

3. Enable live chat 

  • Connect Shopify store 
  • Enable app embeds 

4. Complete your profile 

5. Turn on notifications 

Key NestDesk app features

Once you complete the onboarding process, you will get access to NestDesk app. Take a quick look at some key app features below: 

1. Conversation 

Centralize messages across multiple Shopify stores and social channels in one place. Have customer data & order information shown next to each conversation. 

  • Tag: Add tag/label to conversation 
  • Private note: Leave internal notes inside the conversation 
  • Tag products: Share product links right from chat

2. Customer

Create & manage customer data in a central hub. Easily sort out & view customer profile, conversation and order history. 

3. Automations

Optimize support efficiency with the aid of following features: 

  • Macro: Create & use pre-made messages for frequently asked questions
  • Notifications: Get notified immediately when new messages arrive
  • Auto assign: Assign message to online agents on autopilot 
  • Auto message: Automate greetings when customers visiting your website
  • Auto email: When no agent is online, forward customer messages to their mailbox 

4. Self-service 

Support customers 24/7 with AI chatbots, pre-set FAQs and helpdesk.

5. Reports 

Measure support performance and revenue generated from support in intuitive and insightful reports. 

6. Mobile app 

Support anytime & anywhere with the mobile app available on Android and IOS. 

Install NestDesk mobile app

Want to explore the full features of NestDesk? Please check out our Help Center or Youtube channel for more. 

Need any help? 

If you need any assistance to get started with NestDesk, feel free to contact us via live chat or send an email to [email protected]. Our support team is happy to help you! 


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