Order Action Permissions (for customers)

  • 10/06/2024
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Order Action Permissions allows customers to take/request related action on their order. With this feature, NestDesk will help you to utilize live chat and manage your store in a shorter time. This article will guide you step by step to enable Order Action Permissions. 

Order Action Permissions

  • From Dashboard, navigate to Automation > Self Services 
  • At the Services listing, click on Settings from demanded store 
Order Action Permissions
  • Here at Self Services of a certain store, click on Order Action
  • There are 04 features to allow customers’ requests from:
    • Edit Order: Allow users to change product attributes
    • Refund Order: Allow users to request refunds for products 
    • Cancel Order: Allow users to request to cancel an order
    • Update shipping address: Allow users to request to edit shipping an order
Order Action Permissions
  • Switch toggles to allow each feature 

Edit auto response 

Auto response message when receiving action request 

  • To edit text on each feature, click on the gear icon
  • Click Apply to log process
Edit auto response 

Preview on Live Chat 

When done setting ups, you could preview by clicking on Preview button: when customers click Order action and filled in their email address & order ID, they can request order actions based on setup features 

Preview on Live Chat 

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Need any help?

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