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  • 27/02/2023
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In this article, you will learn about the Overview report and its features. Overview report is a dashboard (comprising a set of cards) that summarizes the support performance in a given period of time. 

Key features of overview report

NestDesk overview report
  1. In the Report dashboard, you can see the filter rows with 4 options: Stores, Agents, Tags, Channels.
  1. The statistics of the overview report are Conversation created, Conversation deleted, Average first response time, Average resolution time.
  • Conversation created: The total number of messages
  • Conversation deleted: The total number of messages you deleted
  • Average first response time: Average time that a new message got replied by an agent.
  • Average resolution time: Average time from the customer’s first message to the time the conversation is closed.
  1. The statistics are represented by a line chart through 3 periods of time: Day, Month, and Year.

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