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  • 27/02/2023
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Discover all basic things about NestDesk – What NestDesk is, what you can do with it and who should use it.  

What is NestDesk? 

NestDesk is an omnichannel customer service platform that empowers ecommerce business to deliver excellent support and close more sales from chats. 

All your interaction with customers like responding, viewing customer data & creating/editing orders occurs within one dashboard. No more a cost center, you can turn customers service into a profitable sales channel with NestDesk. 

What can you do with NestDesk? 

Tailored-made for Shopify merchants, NestDesk provides you with a variety of necessary features as shown below.

Centralize all messages from multiple channels 

  • Respond to live chat and Facebook messages in a unified dashboard.
  • Connect customer messaging from many Shopify stores. 
  • Sort out tickets with a smart filter tool. 

Unlock sales over conversations

  • Create a draft order and share the checkout link with your customers right from the inbox.
  • Create paid orders and pending orders with a click from inside NestDesk. 
  • Edit orders without leaving the dashboard.

Provide personalized support

  • View customer information, preferences, order history and message history next to each message. 
  • Recognize a customer by email address, phone number or order number, no need to ask them for basic information.
  • Merge customer information with their messages from different channels. 

Improve your customer service efficiency 

  • Use macros (the pre-made templates) to respond to common questions. 
  • Tag & auto assign messages to the right people, at the right time.
  • Leave private notes for your teammates to better understand the context. 

Track your customer support’s performance 

  • Track conversations created, conversations closed, average first response time, and average resolution time. 
  • Measure orders created, conversion rate and revenues generated by every support agent.  
  • Evaluate the performance of each store, agent and channel in different time ranges.

Who should use NestDesk? 

The answer is any eCommerce business that is looking for a customer service solution. Specifically, NestDesk can be used by: 

  • Merchants who own many online stores and want to support customers from different stores, and different channels in one account.
  • Businesses that need to manage and automatically assign tickets to many support agents. 
  • Businesses that want to close sales right from the chat portal. 

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