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  • 28/02/2023
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Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) is a feature that allows you to optimize your budget at the campaign level instead of the ad group. This feature will let you apply a single set of budget optimizations to all the ad groups that belong to your campaign rather than setting them up individually.

To create a campaign using Campaign Budget Optimization, you will need to set up your campaign within the following parameters:

  • Advertising Objective: Traffic, Reach and Conversions
  • Scenarios:
    • Bid Strategy: Lowest Cost and Bid Cap
    • Budget Mode: Daily Budget and Lifetime Budget
  • Delivery Type: Standard 
  • Split Test: Not supported 

To enable Campaign Budget Optimization

  1. Create a new campaign. 

2. Select a supported Advertising Objective.

3. Turn on the Campaign Budget Optimization toggle. 

4. Select a Budget; all ad groups in this campaign will share this budget. Choose between Daily and Lifetime.

NestAds campaign budget optimization
NestAds campaign budget optimization

5.​ Under the Bidding & Optimization section, select the Bid Strategy when setting up the first ad group. Choose between Lowest Cost and Bid cap

NestAds ad group bid strategy - lowest cost
NestAds ad group bid strategy - lowest cost

6.​ Under Delivery Type, Standard is the only available option and cannot be changed. 

7.​ Configure the rest of your ad group settings and create your ads. When configuring your ad groups, they should all share the same Optimization Goal.

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