Troubleshooting Suspended Workspace

  • 20/09/2023
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In this article, you will learn about common workspace suspension causes and how to resolve them.

Disclaimer: Your NestSend workspace is equal to your integrated store with NestSend. It means that in case you have multiple stores connected to NestSend app, only error workspaces that have been reported bad metrics will be suspended

What would happen when your NestSend workspace is suspended? 

  • You logged into NestSend but got an workspace suspended message
  • You couldn’t send any emails as your scheduled/ running campaigns, automation workflows is stopped automatically. 
  • You will receive an email from us notifying you that your workspace has been suspended. 

⚠️ Your recent campaign reported bad metrics

Since you are using NestSend to send out your emails, your sending behavior may impact both your and our sender’s reputation. 

If you are starting with NestSend or were not sending any emails for a while, we will verify your first batch of contacts, which is around 100 but might be smaller if you have fewer contacts in NestSend once you schedule/ go live any campaigns/ automation workflows. 

If you are currently using NestSend app, we will verify your contact list everytime new email is added to the list. Your workspace will be suspended if that batch reports the number of bounces that exceed our allowed limit of 3%, and of course, we will notify you about it. 

Those email addresses which didn’t pass the verification should be cleaned manually after that. 

How to clean your contact list?

We recommend checking it with one of the cleaning services, such as Mailgun, Neverbounce, myEmailVerifier, or Quickemailverification. Only after you review your contacts list for bounces and remove inactive contacts our Support Team will be able to re-activate your workspace.

Check-list of healthy contacts in NestSend

The questions below will let you define your list quality and fix any issues you may have. Please read them carefully.

  • Did you collect your mailing list longer than one year ago?
  • Have you purchased or rented any mailing lists?
  • Have you migrated from another email marketing provider?
  • Do you have a lot of role-based email addresses?
  • Did your contact subscribe to your email campaigns?
  • Have you imported contacts from personal/business inboxes?

Note: In most situations, integrations is the only disabled feature. Your saved campaigns, automation workflows and sign-up forms won’t be affected.

Need more help?

Once you review your account and complete the necessary steps, contact our Support Team at [email protected], and we will check it for re-activation.


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