Track Performance Of Sign-up Form

  • 10/01/2024
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After activating your sign-up form for a period of time, you’ll want to know how it performs and any improvements you should make. 

Follow some simple steps below to track the performance of your sign-up form. 

📌 Note: Before tracking the performance of your sign-up form, make sure you created and activated it. If you haven’t, learn how-to here

How to track the performance of your sign-up form 

  • Navigate Sign-Up Forms.

Here you will see all current sign-up forms. Every form shows the number of subscribers so you no need to click through. 

NestSend signup form

Click on the icon above if you want to view the performance of a specific sign-up form, simply click on it for details. Here’s how it looks like. 

NestSend track signup form performance

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