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  • 24/08/2023
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It’s necessary to know how your campaigns perform and any improvements should be made. So in this article, you’ll learn how to read campaign analytics in NestSend. 

📌Note: Before reading campaign analytics, make sure that you have created and activated your campaign. If you haven’t, please check out the guideline here 

How to read campaign analytics

  1. Navigate to Analytics > click on Campaigns tab 
  2. Here you will see some important metrics about the performance of your automation flows
  • Total recipients: Total number of customers who received your emails in all campaigns
  • Revenue: Total amount of revenue generated from customers who clicked on the email campaigns
  • Delivered email: Total number of sent emails in all campaigns
  • Open rate: The rate at which your customers open your emails (the number of individuals opening your email divided by the number of recipients).
  • Click rate: The percentage of people who clicked a link in your email out of the people received it.

The diagram shows you the performance of your all campaigns based on 3 metrics: clicked rates, opened rates and delivered. 

Please note that the report is showing the data collected within the last 30 days as default report. However, you can change the time range as you want to view data accordingly.

NestSend campaign Analytics

Under the diagram, you can see the performance of your automation flows in detail 

NestSend campaign Analytics

Ready to use NestSend analytics?

Hopefully, with these helpful analytics, you will have a clear and concise look about your business trend. Therefore, you can make the right decisions to adjust your business.

If you have further questions, feel free to contact us via live chat or send mail to [email protected]. Our customer support team is more than happy to help! 


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