NestSend Topics

Integrate NestSend To Shopify Store (Data Synchronization)

By integrating NestSend into your Shopify store, you can ensure seamless data synchronization between these two platforms.  Note that you can integrate multiple Shopify stores into a NestSend account.  How to integrate NestSend to your Shopify store  3. Click on

How To Reset A Forgotten Password 

In this article, you will learn how to reset a forgotten password in NestSend  How to reset a forgotten password  After that, an email will be sent with credentials to your mailbox.  A password reset email will be delivered to

NestSend Analytics

Analytics is the place where you can view, track & measure the performance of all automation flows and campaigns in your NestSend account. In this article, you will learn how do NestSend analytics work.  What are NestSend reports NestDesk reports

Verify Email Sender

Once you integrate a new Shopify store into NestSend, you need to verify your Shopify admin email address. This email will be the email sender in your NestSend account by default.  Email verification helps to prevent your emails from going

Update Conditions For The Existing Segment

In this article, you will learn how to update conditions in an existing segment in NestSend.  Keep in mind that when the conditions are updated, contacts may move in and out of the segment based on whether or not they