Pixels Topics

Currency & Time zone

The Currency & time zone feature in NestAds allows users to set their preferred currency and time zone for each workspace. This feature is especially useful for advertisers managing multiple ad accounts across different time zones connected with Shopify stores.

Custom Traffic Rules 

Why use Custom Traffic Rules? The Traffic Rules feature in NestAds lets you create custom rules to control how traffic is attributed, overriding the default settings based on your specific conditions.  Other than set the custom rules of attributed traffic

Track Your Order Timeline

Have you ever wanted to know the touchpoints customers go through before purchasing? Understanding more about your customer insights is important to help you identify the areas that need improvement, allowing you to focus on specific aspects and make better

Attribution Models in NestAds

What is Attribution Model? Attribution model is the type of rule that determines how credit for sales is assigned to touchpoint(s) in the conversion path.  There are many attribution models and they often operate differently for various purposes. Each attribution

NestAds Pixel: Customer Journey

In this article, you will learn about the Customer Journey feature in NestAds app and how it works. Let’s get started now!  What is NestAds Pixel: Customer Journey? Customer journey feature visualizes how each ad platform impacts sales and the