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  • 28/02/2023
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Discover all basic things about NestAds – What NestAds is, what you can do with it, and who should use it.  

What is NestAds? 

NestAds is rated as a Top 1 TikTok Advertising Management software that helps eCommerce businesses launch, analyze and scale winning TikTok Ad campaigns. 

NestAds introduction

It is built along the eCommerce sales funnel: Targeting, Retargeting, and Retention (TRR). You can quickly check your Ads performance across your whole funnel and see which budget allocation suits best for your business. 

Running the best Ad strategy for your business with NestAds! 

What can you do with NestAds? 

Launch TikTok campaign in minutes 

New to TikTok ads? Can’t figure out how to promote your products without wasting time and money? 

NestAds helps you successfully launch TikTok ad campaigns in a simple way, with no expertise required. 

  • User-friendly and spot-on ad dashboard
  • TRR funnel – built exclusively for eCommerce 
  • Easy ads set up 
  • 30+ predefined audience templates 

Analyze ad performance with key metrics 

Track your TikTok ads performance according to key metrics – from obvious ones to those often overlooked. Discover which ad campaigns convert best across different stages of the sales funnel and make more informed decisions.

  • Clear ad analysis tailored to eCommerce
  • One-click TikTok pixel installer for accurate data tracking 
  • Ad metrics comparison 
  • Smart filter and quick edit 

Scale up your TikTok ads and maximize ROAS

Utilize in-depth targeting options to find profitable audiences for your TikTok advertising. Expand your audience further and maximize return on ad spend.

  • Custom audiences
  • Lookalike audiences 
  • Budget allocation 

Who should use NestAds? 

Any eCommerce business that wants to broaden its reach, get traffic, drive sales, and more through TikTok ads should use NestAds.  

NestAds works as your personal assistant to help you step-by-step advertise on TikTok & maximize sales from your TikTok ads campaigns. You don’t need to be an ads expert to run TikTok ads successfully, let NestAds make it happen.

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