Business Intelligence Topics

TikTok Ads Audience Report

The TikTok audience report is an invaluable tool in Business Intelligence – NestAds new feature for businesses using TikTok to promote their brand and products.  Why TikTok Ads audience report is important? TikTok audience reports can be a powerful tool

Cohort Analysis

Cohort analysis plays a crucial role in tracking and comprehending customer behavior trends, enabling well-informed choices, and identify valuable customer groups for retention.  Analyzing cohorts helps you understand how much revenue a new customer will generate over time, and determine

E-commerce Report

The E-commerce Report provides comprehensive insights into your store’s sales performance through key metrics that enable you to make data-driven decisions that enhance business operations and growth. E-commerce Report is an essential tool to achieve sustainable business growth. In this

How do NestAds Business Intelligence work? 

In this post, you will learn about what Business Intelligence is and how it works. Let’s get started now! *Note: Business Intelligence is only available in Pro plan. What is Business Intelligence in NestAds?  Business Intelligence is the ultimate report