Introduction To NestAffiliate App

  • 14/09/2023
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All you need to know about NestAffiliate – a product of NestScale ecosystem.

What is NestAffiliate? 

NestAffiliate is a marketing affiliate platform built exclusively for Shopify merchants. 

At NestAffiliate, you can easily create and manage multiple affiliate programs, with unlimited affiliates and order referrals. The app provides you with flexible commission rules, auto generated affiliate links, and accurate tracking to better control affiliate programs. Easy setup, no coding required.  

What can you do with NestAffiliate? 

NestAffiliate helps you to easily run & manage your affiliate programs, with unlimited affiliates & referral orders. Start your affiliate marketing effortlessly to turn influencers & customers into your partners and drive more sales for you.

Create unlimited affiliate programs

  • Create unlimited affiliate programs with diverse commission rules & unique links
  • Recruit more affiliates with customizable & responsive registration pages
  • Automatic processes: assign coupons, payout payments, approve affiliate

Revenue & Conversion 

  • Track affiliate link clicks, revenue & conversion
  • Manage affiliate’s payouts & offer gift cards as commissions 
  • Multiple affiliate recruitment options 
  • Multiple payment methods 

Affiliate portals

  • Intuitive affiliate performance report
  • Simple yet powerful affiliate link generation function

Easily manage conversions and payment history

Who should use NestAffiliate? 

The answer is any eCommerce business that is looking for affiliate marketing solutions. Specifically, NestAffiliatecan be used by Shopify merchants that want to: 

  • Gain more sales through affiliate marketing
  • Nurture the group of loyal customers and brand ambassadors
  • Manage affiliate marketing programs effectively

Need any help?

Feel free to contact us via live chat or send an email at [email protected]. Our dedicated support team is happy to assist you! 🤩🤩🤩


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