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  • 14/09/2023
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In this article, you’ll learn how to create a NestAffiliate account with ease. Let’s get started now!

How to create NestAffiliate account 

Here you can follow one of 2 options:

Install & Create NestAffiliate account from Shopify app store

  1. From Shopify app store, install NestAffiliate app 
NestAffiliate app listing Shopify
  1. You will be directed to the NestScale Sign-Up page. Now you can register a new NestAffiliate account.

Fill in some basic information as shown below:

  • Your email
  • Your name
  • Your password

Then click on Create your account button

Note: If you have created an account in other NestScale apps, you can use it to log into NestAffiliate as well.

NestScale Sign-Up page

Create NestAffiliate account from website

  1. Navigate to NestScale website > NestAffiliate Sign-Up Page
  2. Fill in some basic information to register a new NestSend account
  • Your email
  • Your name
  • Your password

Then click on Create your account button.

How to complete onboarding process 

After having a NestAffiliate account, you will enter the onboarding process. Complete the steps below to jump into the app: 

Step 1: Connect Shopify store 

Enter your Shopify store link which ends with to connect with NestAffiliate app. 

For example: 

Then you will be redirected to NestAffiliate shopify app listing. If you haven’t installed NestAffiliate app, hit on Add app button.  

NestAffiliate app listing Shopify

Step 2: Create affiliate program 

Create your affiliate program by filling following settings: 

  • Program name
  • Commission rule
  • Cookie duration
  • Advanced settings (optional) 

When you done, click on Save and next button.

NestAffiliate onboarding step 2

Step 3: Customize registration page 

Customize the registration page to match with your store theme. Then click on Save & Complete button after you’ve done. 

NestAffiliate onboarding step 3

Need any help?

Feel free to contact us via live chat in app or send email to [email protected]. Our support team is happy to help you. 


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