What is Live Widget and How To Create It

  • 10/04/2024
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In this post, you will learn what live widget is and how to create it.

Let’s get started now!

What is live widget?

Live widget is a feed that includes media from selected media sources. You can create a widget by adding a maximum of 3 media sources. 

Create & install a live widget on website 

Create live widget 

  1. Navigate to My widgets > Live widgets > click on New widget button
NestWidget - create live widget
  1. At the General configuration, enter a Widget name of your choices 

*Note: The widget name is internal and is not shown on your website.

  1. Click on + Select media source(s) button and choose the media source(s) that you want to display on website > Click Save button

 * Note: You can select up to 3 media sources in a widget.

NestWidget - create live widget

Design live widget

  1. Customize the design of your widget 

General Configuration

Title heading 

  • Heading text: Maximum character is 50
  • Heading text color: Enter color code or pick one from color chart


  • Subheading text: Maximum character is 150
  • Subheading text color: Enter color code or pick one from color chart
  • Subheading font size

Post settings 

  • Maximum post shown on widget: Maximum is 60 posts/widget
  • Corner radius (px)

Desktop layout

Customize the appearance of your widget on desktop 

  • Width (%)
  • Item spacing
  • Layout type: Select from Grid or Carousel 
  • Columns
  • Rows
  • “Show more” button
  • ‘Show less” button

Mobile layout

Customize the appearance of your widget on mobile

  • Columns
  • Rows
  • Item spacing (px)
  • “Show more” button
  • “Show less” button


Button text 

You can preview how your widget looks on mobile and desktop in Preview section

NestWidget - create live widget - design
  1. Click Save button to save all your settings. Afterthat, you will get a notification saying “New live widget created”. 

Install live widget 

There’re 2 ways that you can do to install widget on your website. 

Option 1: Embed with widget ID

1. Copy the Widget ID 

2. Click on Shopify theme editor page 

3. In your theme editor, Click on Add section > click on NestWidget app block 

4.  Enter Widget ID > hit on Save button 

Option 2: Embed with HTML code

1. Copy HTML code

2. Enter HTML code to your theme 

>>> Read more: How to edit Live Widget

Need any help? 

Please contact our support team via live chat or email at [email protected] 

We are happy to help you as soon as possible! 


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