Right Management (for UGC posts)

  • 07/05/2024
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In this post, you will learn more details about Right Management and How it works in NestWidget.

Let’s get started now!

What is Right Management?

Right Management helps you track the status of your request to use posts that your Instagram has been mentioned.

Right management

There are three main statuses in this section, which will be discussed below:

  1.  Pending

This is where posts land after you’ve requested to use a mentioned post. Each post expires after 14 days without approval and moves to Rejected status.

  • Removing a Pending Request: You can change your mind! Select the unwanted post(s) using the checkbox and click the rubbish icon to remove the request. Don’t worry, you can always send a new request later.
  • Notification for Removed Requests: If the creator clicks the permission request link after you’ve removed it, they’ll see a notification that the request is no longer available.
  1.  Rejected

If you have a post that hasn’t been approved within 14 days or has been explicitly rejected by the creator, it will be moved to this section. These posts will be automatically deleted from the app’s database after another 14 days.

If your initial request gets rejected, there’s no reason to worry. If your Instagram account is mentioned again in the same post, it will reappear in the relevant curation source, allowing you to request permission once more.

  1.  Approved

Congratulations! The creator has granted permission for you to use the post. You’ll find approved posts on both the Approved page and the Mention Me page within your Instagram workspace.

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