Update New Posts and Newly Mentioned Post Rules

  • 10/04/2024
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In this post, you will learn more details about the rules of updating new posts and newly mentioned posts in NestWidget.

Let’s get started now!

Update New Posts

NestWidget allows users to show up to maximize 120 posts on each social account in My posts section.

Scenario 1: If one account has fewer than 120 posts in My Posts, NestWidget continues to fetch and display new posts normally until there are 120 posts.

Scenario 2: If one account has already 120 posts in My Posts:

  • Except for posts currently in static widgets, you can remove the remaining old posts to fetch new ones.
  • Number of removed posts equals the number of new posts fetched.
  • If all 120 posts are in static widgets, NestWidget won’t update or fetch new posts.

Update New Mentioned Posts

The Mention curation source shows up to 50 latest mentioned posts for each account since linking with NestWidget. For example, if there are already 50 posts in the mentioned curation source and your Instagram account gets mentioned in 10 more posts today, NestWidget will fetch these 10 posts and remove the oldest 10 to keep the limit at 50 posts.

If any of the 10 removed posts were in the right request state, you can find them in the associated status section of Right Management.

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