What is Media Source and How Do It Work

  • 07/05/2024
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In this guide, you will learn about what media source is and how to create it in NestWidget.

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What is a media source?

Media source is where you collect media items from different source types and social accounts, organizing them for use…

It includes three main categories below:

  • My Assets
  • Media Curation
  • Right Management

My Assets

This section gives you a combined view of posts from your TikTok and Instagram accounts. You can easily switch between platforms by clicking on their icons to see posts from each account.

Widget_My Assets

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Media Curation

Media Curation is where posts tagged with your Instagram business accounts are stored.

Widget_Media Curation

>>> Read more: Media Curation and How it works

Right Management

Rights Management helps you track the status of tagged or mentioned Instagram posts that you’ve requested for user-generated content. Posts are divided into three categories:

  • Pending
  • Approved
  • Rejected
NW_Right Management

>>> Read more: Media Source – Right Management

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