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Edit media source

In this article, you will learn how to edit media source in NestWidget. Let’s get started now! First off, make sure you’ve created a media source in NestWidget. Learn how to create media source here.  Edit a media source Follow

NestWidget dashboard

Dashboard is the first thing you will see when browsing onto NestWidget!  In this post, you’ll discover all the basic things inside NestWidget dashboard and how you utilize it effectively. Let’s get started now! Overview The overview gives you a

Introduction to NestWidget 

Discover all basic things about NestWidget – What NestWidget is, what you can do with it, and who should use it. What is NestWidget? NestWidget is a social media feed platform built for eCommerce businesses. With NestWidget, you can showcase

Get started with NestWidget

Welcome to NestWidget! We are so glad to have you onboard.  This article includes all the basic steps to help you get up and running fast with NestWidget. Let’s get started now!  Haven’t you had your own NestWidget app? Click

NestWidget analytics 

NestWidget analytics gives you a bird’s eye view of your widget performance  In this post, you will learn about NestWidget analytics and how they work. Let’s get started now!  What are NestWidget analytics? NestWidget analytics shows the performance of all