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  • 01/03/2024
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NS Product Variants offers endless product variation options with samples and drop-down menus to enhance the shopping experience. In this user guide, you will find more about Variants Options Style. Let’s get started!

Options Configuration 

“Options Configuration” enables you to define and manage product attributes, create tailored product variants and ultimately provide a more comprehensive and user-friendly shopping experience for your customers

You could choose from those 2 options:

  • In my Options list: automatically synced products to your Options list
  • In my Store: choose products from your store for configuring

*Note: Only option variants of 100 products are synced. Go to the search bar, select ‘In my Store’ to search for options of products that are missing from the list. The app can only search for products that have options.

NS Product Variants & Options: Options Configuration

Within Options Configuration, each of these segments will be available depending on the product’s variants you select from the search bar. You can enable or disable any of these variants depending on how you want it to appear in swatch

In each segment, you need to set up Display Style and Option Images. 

Display Style include

  • Swatch circle in square
  • Swatch in box
  • Swatch in dropdown
  • Circular swatch
  • Square swatch
  • Swatch in pill
Display styles

Options Images include

  • Variant image: This option allows you to synchronize your variant image in the Variant section under your product setting
  • Color/custom image: you will need to upload image from your desktop’s file
Options image

*Note: Currently, you may upload a single image to each product variant. We are in the process of developing a feature that will enable multiple images to appear on the left-hand side when a variant is selected. This enhancement will be included in our next version.

Don’t forget to click Save when done to log the process

Need any help? 

Please contact our support team via live chat or email at [email protected]. We are happy to help you as soon as possible!


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