NS Product Variants Pricing – Which plan fits your business?

  • 11/07/2024
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NS Product Variants provides 2 pricing plans with a different set of features. Check out this post to decide which plan is suitable for your business.

NS Product Variants Pricing Plan

NS Product Variants offers 2 plans including Starter (free) and Growth ($6.99/month). You can check NS Product Variants pricing plan in our Plans & Billing section inside NS Product Variants app. 

PV_Pricing Plan

Which plan is suitable for your business?

If you are just starting out and need essential features to enhance variant images for your product page, you can choose the Starter plan. On the free plan, NS Product Variants allows you to customize your variant options on the Production Page as follows:

Starter Plan:

  • Create different product options (color swatch/image, drop-down menu, buttons, etc.)
  • Automatically sync and manually add variant options for specific products
  • Customize the style of variation options 
  • Mobile-responsive widget, with no coding required

For merchants who want to offer a seamless and engaging shopping experience by displaying variants on the collection page and grouping related products, NS Product Variants Growth Plan is ideal for you. 

On the Pro plan, you have access to all features in the Free plan – plus especially the Premium features to optimize your store performance.

Growth Plan:

  • All features of the Starter Plan, plus:
  • Display product variants directly on the Collection page
  • Group multiple related products and display them as variants for a more tailored shopping experience
  • Priority customer support from the Expert Team

Choose the plan that best fits your business needs and start transforming your product listings with NestScale Product Variants today!

Need any help?

Feel free to contact our support team via live chat or send an email to [email protected]. We are happy to assist you as soon as possible. 


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