What's New At NestScale?

Welcome to the Release Notes for NestScale ecosystem!

We’re excited to introduce a range of new features, enhancements, and fixes that will elevate your experience with the apps! ❤️

NestAds 1.6: Enhanced Customer Journey & Tailored Traffic Rules

June 27, 2024

We’re excited to introduce NestAds 1.6, packed with new features and enhancements for superior ad tracking and marketing. This version offers deeper insights into the customer journey and customizable options tailored to your business needs.

Key Features

  • Customer journey enhancement for detailed tracking
  • Accurate and customizable performance reports
  • Streamline traffic sources management 
  • Flexible pricing plans to suit your business

Additionally, we’ve updated our pricing plans to better accommodate businesses of all sizes, from startups to large corporations.

Dive into NestAds 1.6 today to discover each feature and learn how NestAds can elevate your marketing analytics and drive business growth.

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NestAds 1.5: Enhanced Tracking & Customizable Reports

April 10, 2024

Welcome to NestAds 1.5, a game-changing upgrade that enhances performance tracking and analysis capabilities. This version introduces diverse tracking sources, simplifying performance monitoring across metrics. NestAds 1.5 also offers customizable performance reports, catering to specific user needs.

Whether a small business or a corporate giant, NestAds 1.5 is your pathway to elevated analytics. Stay tuned as we explore its features, and witness firsthand how NestAds 1.5 revolutionizes your business analytics journey.

Key Features

  • Offer diverse tracking platforms for enhanced insights
  • Personalized performance report to suit your need
  • Monitoring conversion paths across multiple channels

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NestAds 1.4: Advanced Ad Tracking & Multiple Attribution Models

January 16, 2024

NestAds 1.4 has gone live! 

The latest version introduces advanced ad tracking, multiple attribution models, a focus on mapping the customer journey, and more. 

Check out new features & updates that help to supercharge your advertising tracking: 

  1. Multiple attribution models

Assess your ad channel impact from various viewpoints by utilizing newly added attribution models, including first-click, last-click, and linear models. This enhancement allows you to choose the model that best fits your marketing goals.

  1. Powerful advertising dashboard

NestAds new and improved dashboard provides you with a comprehensive overview of your advertising performance. It gathers ad results across channels in one single tab and combines them all to reveal a blended ROAS and CPA.

  1. Aggregated customer journey 

Understanding all the steps leading to a purchase and the impact of touchpoints in the aggregated customer journey. It is helpful to measure cross-channel advertising and wisely allocate your budget.

  1. Ad-level analytics for winning creatives

Advanced creative analytics deliver valuable insights into the performance of each creative. Compare and identify winning ads that resonate most effectively with your target audience.

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NestAds 1.3.1: New App Dashboard & Updates in TikTok Pixel

December 4, 2023

Explore two updates in NestAds version 1.3.1 as shown below: 

  1. New App Dashboard 

The app dashboard has been updated to be more clear, straightforward, and centralized. You can now view real-time and key metrics from your integrated advertising platforms. 

With the aggregated data all in one dashboard, you have a holistic view of the advertising performance and its influence on your business growth. 

  1. More Powerful TikTok Pixel 

TikTok pixel capability has been upgraded to collect accurate data about events, TikTok Click ID, External ID, and user information. This ensures that the collected ad data is precise and trustworthy for more informed business decisions.

NestAds 1.3: Accurate Shopify Ad Tracking & Marketing Attribution

September 27, 2023

You’ve previously leveraged NestAds for your TikTok Ads and are now eager to broaden your horizons? Inevitably, cross-channel advertising stands as the ultimate way to engage today’s customers precisely where they are and promote the ideal products at the perfect moment.

When it comes to building successful cross-channel campaigns, always remember that data is king. This is precisely why we are excited to introduce our latest NestAds, version 1.3, designed to provide the best marketing attribution solution for Shopify. 

Discover how NestAds 1.3 empowers you to analyze accurate data from your advertising campaigns, unearth valuable insights into the customer journey, and maximize your return on ad spend. Let’s dive in and unlock the full potential of your marketing efforts with NestAds!

Key features:

  • Centralize all advertising data into one single dashboard
  • Maximize ROAS with accurate marketing attribution 
    • Server-side tracking based on first-party data
    • Bypass iOS 14 blockage at ease
    • Flexible attribution windows for campaign measurement
    • Multi-touch attribution model for high-impact channels
  • Effortlessly identify from touchpoints to customer journeys
  • Leverage TikTok Pixel for accurate data 
  • Affordable changes to NestAds 1.3 pricing plans

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