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This overview provides a glimpse into everything you need to know—your gateway to effective and efficient ad campaigns.

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Getting Started

Step into the world of NestAds and embark on your advertising venture. Dive into the NestAds dashboard to unlock a realm of possibilities.

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Here, you’ll create and manage TikTok ad campaigns with ease. From setting objectives and budgets to optimizing performance, this is your command center for effective advertising on TikTok.

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Targeting & Audiences

Unlock the power of NestAds’ targeting capabilities. Explore default targeting, craft custom audiences, expand with lookalike audiences, define new targeting parameters, and save time with targeting templates.

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Creatives Studio

NestAds Creative Studio —an innovative toolkit designed to elevate your TikTok ad creative. Unleash your imagination, craft engaging content, and captivate your audience, all within this dynamic space.

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Effortlessly enhance your tracking and analytics with our Pixels category. Simplify pixel integration and elevate your insights in just a single click.

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Set up your profile and account details, enhance security by changing your password, and seamlessly integrate with Shopify and TikTok Ads for a seamless advertising ecosystem.

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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is the ultimate report dashboard that give you insights about your TikTok ads performance and audience.

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Plans & Billing

Manage your subscription and payment details

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Tips & Tricks

Learn valuable tips and tricks to optimize your campaigns, and achieve remarkable results

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Frequently Asked Questions

NestAds lets you analyze accurate data from your advertising campaigns and uncover customer journey insights. Confidently made data-driven decisions to maximize ROAS and drive business growth.

  • NestAds pixel is a piece of code installed on your website to track visitors’ behaviors on your website and ad performance. It helps you measure ad impact from multiple channels accurately, and get more customer insights. 
  • NestAds pixel will track your website visitors’ actions, such as view content, add to cart, initiate checkout, or complete payment. 

    With the aid of UTM tracking parameters, it can keep track of every ad that leads customers to your website. When they eventually place an order, the NestAds pixel attributes credit back to those ads.

    Because the NestAds pixel is a side server tracking mechanism, its data collecting capabilities are not limited by the impacts of IOS 14.

Cohort analysis is a method of analyzing your customers by first separating them into groups, then monitoring how each group engages with your business over time. Typically, cohorts are formed based on when a customer made their initial purchase, resulting in a lifelong association with that cohort.

Furthermore, cohort analysis offers tools to segment your customer base, enhancing your understanding of the lifetime value (LTV) and retention rates within different customer subsets. This segmentation aids in crucial decision-making, including:

  • When do customers usually churn?
  • How much of your revenue comes from new vs long-time customers?
  • When is the best time to re-engage your customers?