NestAds 1.4 has gone live! 

The latest version introduces advanced ad tracking, multiple attribution models, a focus on mapping the customer journey, and more. 

Check out new features & updates that help to supercharge your advertising tracking: 

  1. Multiple attribution models

Assess your ad channel impact from various viewpoints by utilizing newly added attribution models, including first-click, last-click, and linear models. This enhancement allows you to choose the model that best fits your marketing goals.

  1. Powerful advertising dashboard

NestAds new and improved dashboard provides you with a comprehensive overview of your advertising performance. It gathers ad results across channels in one single tab and combines them all to reveal a blended ROAS and CPA.

  1. Aggregated customer journey 

Understanding all the steps leading to a purchase and the impact of touchpoints in the aggregated customer journey. It is helpful to measure cross-channel advertising and wisely allocate your budget.

  1. Ad-level analytics for winning creatives

Advanced creative analytics deliver valuable insights into the performance of each creative. Compare and identify winning ads that resonate most effectively with your target audience.

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