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NestAds 1.2 version has just been released, with a bunch of the most requested features and new pricing plans. In this version, you will find all things you need to simplify the TikTok ads creation & management process. Keep reading to discover these amazing updates! 

Key features:

  • Set the right objective for your winning TikTok Ads campaign
  • Structure TikTok Ads group in a smart way
    • Focus on the right optimization event
    • Identify & reach your ideal target audience faster
    • Allocate & optimize the advertising budget accordingly
  • Make TikTok Ads creative that convert
    • Easily create TikTok ads with Creative Studio
    • Insert the destination page in one click
  • Key metrics for business success  
    • Analyze Ads group performance with clear analytics
    • Optimize TikTok Ads campaign with Business Intelligence
  • Affordable pricing plans with NestAds 1.2

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