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Do you know that 70% of all customer conversations are related to purchase decisions? Customers mostly ask questions while viewing products or even when they already have items in their cart. Some want to feel confident in an online purchase that they have no way to touch and handle physically. 

Many brands consider customer service as a necessary evil to support or handle the inevitable complaints only. But now, chat has gone beyond a support tool to become a powerful sales channel. 

Recognizing the potential and demand for unlocking sales from chat, we felt a strong pull to develop NestDesk – an affordable customer service platform that powers your business to turn more browsers into buyers. 

Key features:

  • Boost your customer support efficiency 
    • Streamline customer messaging 
    • Connect with customers in more ways 
    • Automate common responses 
    • Collaborate with your teammates
  • Deliver personalized customer service
  • Unlock sales from conversation
    • Create orders right on your chat system 
    • Measure revenue from customer care efforts

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