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NestWidget Knowledge Base


Know how NestWidget enhances your online store with captivating content and streamlined shopping experiences

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Getting Started

Learn the essential steps to set up your account, integrate shoppable social feeds, and transform your online store into an interactive shopping destination

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Media Sources

Manage and leverage content libraries to curate captivating and shoppable social feeds that resonate with your audience and enhance your online store

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My Widgets

Offers customizable tools to improve user interaction on digital platforms. It includes Static Widgets for constant content and Live Widgets for real-time updates, providing solutions to enhance your digital experience.

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Effortlessly group and display tagged social videos on product pages, providing an immersive shopping experience that drives conversions, as well as manage tagged products

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Discover how to gain valuable insights into user engagement, conversions, and content performance, allowing you to refine strategies for optimal shoppable social feed results

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Configure preferences, manage account details and optimize your shoppable social feed integrations for a seamless and impactful e-commerce experience

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Frequently Asked Questions

Media source is where you collect media items from different source types and social accounts. 

For source types, you can select from following options: 

  • Personal account 
  • Hashtag (coming soon)
  • Mention (coming soon)

For social accounts, you can select from following options: 

  • TikTok 
  • Instagram (comming soon)

You can create a media source by including one or multiple social accounts. There’s no limit on how many sources you can create in NestWidget. 

Live widget is a feed that includes media from selected media sources. You can create a widget by adding a maximum of 3 media sources. 

Product widget is a feed that includes media with tagged products. It typically displays on product details pages.