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NestAffiliate Knowledge Base

Getting Started

Offers onboarding assistance and access to the dashboard for a seamless beginning to your affiliate journey

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Affiliate Program

Streamlines the creation of affiliate programs for businesses.

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Registration Page

Tailor your registration process by customizing the page to match your brand’s style and embed it seamlessly into your Shopify store

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Affiliates Management

Allows you to seamlessly manage your affiliates. You can add affiliates manually, approve their requests, monitor their performance, and efficiently manage all aspects of your affiliate program with ease

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Conversions Management

Provides essential tools for monitoring conversions. The Conversion Dashboard offers insights into conversion status, and you can efficiently manage your conversions, ensuring a streamlined and effective process.

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Payout Management

Offers an intuitive Payout Dashboard, allowing you to effortlessly create and manage payouts with ease

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Frequently Asked Questions

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