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  • 27/04/2023
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In this article, you will learn how to edit media source in NestWidget. Let’s get started now!

First off, make sure you’ve created a media source in NestWidget. Learn how to create media source here

Edit a media source

Follow these steps below to edit a media source:

  1. From the Home Dashboard, navigate to Media sources 
  2. Select a media source > Click on the ✎ (edit) button 
NestWidget Media source list

Change media source name 

  • Click on  the ✎ (edit) button and enter the new media source name
  • Click on Save icon to save all changes
NestWidget Edit Media source - change name

Show/hide post 

  • Tick on the box to select which posts you want to show/hide
  • Click on Action button > Select which option you want to: Make visible or Hide posts
NestWidget Edit media source - show hide posts

Here’s how to check the status of your videos: 

  • All posts: all posts included hidden posts and visible posts, hidden posts will appear with a crossed eye icon to sort
  • Visible: posts that you chose to be visible, which will appear on your website
  • Hidden posts: posts that have been chosen to be hidden and will not appear on your website until you change the status
NestWidget Edit Media source - tabs

Tag product 

  • Click on Product button in a specific post
NestWidget Edit media source - tag products
  • Click on Add product button
NestWidget Edit media source - tag products
  • Search product by name > Select it > Click Add products button

*Note: You can tag a maximum of 3 products each post. 

NestWidget Edit media source - choose products

Here’s how the product tag display in a TikTok widget. 

NestWidget Edit media source - tagged products

Delete a media source

Follow the instructions below to delete a media source: 

  1. From the Home Dashboard, go to Media sources
  2. Select a media source > Click on the 🗑️icon to delete
NestWidget Edit media source - delete media source
  1. There’s a pop up showing “Are you sure you want to delete this media source”. Now you click on Delete button.
NestWidget Edit media source - delete media source

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