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  • 28/02/2023
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Sign Up Form helps you collect customer information, grow the subscriber list, and build lasting customer relationships. With NestSend, you can create a Sign-Up Form and show it as Embedded Form and Pop Up on your website. 

📌Note: Before creating a new sign-up form, make sure you have connected your website with NestSend. If you haven’t, learn how to connect your store with NestSend here.

How to create a new Sign-Up Form

  • Navigate Sign Up Forms > Click on Create Sign-Up Form  > Pick a Template 

Now, you will see configuration progress includes 4 steps

Step 1: General 

This step comprises 2 main parts 

General Configuration

  1. Form name: Here’s where you name your Sign-Up Form for internal tracking and reporting purposes. The form name will not be visible to visitors
  1. Trigger: Choose the time Sign-Up Form displays as a pop-up on your website 
  • Show after the visitor has spent X seconds on page 
  • Show after the visitor has scrolled X seconds on page 

You can also configure the exact number of seconds 

  1. Display frequency: Select when to re-display the sign-up form on your website 


Contacts collected from this sign-up form will belong to the segments you choose. 

Select segments that

Step 2: Design 

Customize the design of your sign-up form with drag and drop editor. You can edit anything inside the form like text font, color, image, columns, etc 

Preview your sign-up form in desktop and mobile mode while designing with ease. 

Customize the design of your sign-up form

💡Need any help in designing your sign-up form? Please contact us via live chat. 

Step 3: Tease

Here’s where you set up the display of the embedded sign-up form. You can customize it and see how it appears with the built-in live preview.  

Display settings 

  1. Floating position: Select the place where your sign-up form is embedded 
  • Middle – Left 
  • Middle – Right 
  1. Text: Edit the content display on your embed button 
  2. Text Color: Pick a color that best matches your brand 
  3. Background: Choose the background color of your embed button 
Display settings of sign-up form

Step 4: Confirmation 

After submitting the sign-up forms, subscribers will receive a confirmation pop-up. 

You can customize the style and content of that pop-up as you want. 

Confirmation message 

  1. Heading text: This is the most outstanding text in the confirmation pop up 
  2. Content: The text appears under the heading text. It could be a single sentence or a paragraph
  3. Text Color: Pick your favorite color 
  4. Background: Choose the background color of your confirmation pop up 

Confirmation message

After that, click on Save options button. You can select from.

  • Save as draft 
  • Preview to activate 

Need more help? Feel free to contact us via live or email at [email protected]

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