Add Your Products To The Estimated Delivery Date List Manually

  • 18/07/2024
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NS Estimated Delivery Date offers seamless syncing of an unlimited number of products with estimated calculated delivery dates by configuring store working days and cut-off times.

In this user guide, you will learn how to manually sync your products in the product list and apply the delivery timeline on these products. Let’s get started now!

How to add your products to the estimated delivery date list?

Note: NS Estimated Delivery Date automatically syncs the latest 100 products, applying delivery times across all listed items. For additional products beyond the initial 100, you can manually sync and manage them with ease.

  1. Navigate to Product management, here is how the initially synced product lists dashboard looks:
  1. To manually add a product, please click on the + Add product button 
  2. From the pop-up window,  search for the product name on the search bar 
  1. Choose the product needed to add to the list > Click on Confirm button 

A notification pop-up will appear in the bottom right corner as below:


In case you want to delete a product from the estimated delivery date list, check it out here: Delete Products From The Estimated Delivery Date List

Need any help? 

Please contact our support team via live chat or email at [email protected]. We are happy to help you as soon as possible!


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