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  • 28/02/2023
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By connecting your online store with NestDesk,  your customers can easily contact you via live chat. When customers start chatting with you on the website, it automatically opens a ticket in your NestDesk account. 

Please note that you can connect multiple eCommerce stores in a NestDesk account. 

Connect Shopify store with NestDesk

  1. Login to:
  2. On the left navigation menu, navigate to Settings 
  3. Under General, please click on Integrations > select Shopify
Shopify intergration
  1. Hit the Add Integration button 
Add intergration
  1. You will be redirected to the Shopify app listing then
Nestdesk app app listing
  1. Click Add app
  2. Give app access and authorization 

After integrating your eCommerce store with NestDesk, here is how it looks:

Shopify intergration

Enable and customize chat widget on your website 

After connecting your Shopify store with NestDesk, don’t forget to enable chat widget on your website and customize its design to match your store theme. 

      1. On the left sidebar, navigate to Settings
      2. Under General, please click on Integrations > select Live Chat
      Shopify intergration
      1. Click on the Edit icon next to your store URL
      general intergrations
      1. Switch on Integration Settings
      2. Click on Installation settings and select a chat widget position on page from the drop-down list
      chat widget intergrations
      1. Click on Design settings and customize the chat widget with 5 fields including Primary color, Title text, Title color, Intro text and Intro color
      Design settings in NestDesk
      • Primary color: This is the header color of the chat widget 
      • Title text: Greet your customers with a short text in title text 
      • Title color: Pick a color for your title from color palette or paste a color code 
      • Intro text: Attract customers to contact support team via live chat by adding a short intro text 
      • Intro color: Pick a color for your intro text from color palette or paste a color code 
      1. Hit the Save button to save all your setup and we’re all done!

      Need any help?

      Please contact our support team via live chat or email at [email protected] 

      We are happy to help you as soon as possible! 

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