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  • 21/09/2023
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In this post, you will learn about what Business Intelligence is and how it works. Let’s get started now! 

*Note: Business Intelligence is only available in Pro plan.

What is Business Intelligence in NestAds? 

Business Intelligence is the ultimate report that give you insights about your TikTok ads performance and audience. It includes 3 main tabs: 

  • E-commerce tab 
  • TikTok Ads audience tab 
  • Cohort Analysis tab 

How Business Intelligence works 


In E-Commerce report, you will see your sales performance generated from TikTok Ads. You can edit the time range to view data accordingly. 

E-commerce Business Intelligence
  • E-commerce line chart: This chart shows the fluctuation and correlation between Revenue and Orders 
  • Revenue: Total amount of money you get from TikTok ads
  • Orders: Total number of orders you get from TikTok ads
  • Sold product units: Total number of products sold
  • Average order value (AOV): Average price value of total orders
  • Customer retention rate: The number of customers purchase/total customers in a given time period
  • Best-selling products table: Showcase your best-selling products on TikTok ads by quantity and by sales
  • Sales by location table: Categorize your sales volume by location 

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TikTok Ads audience 

TikTok Ads audience report gives you in-depth view of your audience through some important metrics.  

4 main criterias (Age, Gender, Location, Interests) are displayed in the pie chart. In each criteria, you can track specific metrics by sorting out from the drop down list. 

In Detailed Analytics table, you can see the complete breakdown of all metrics and their correlations : 

  • Age
  • Total cost
  • Impressions 
  • Click
  • Conversions 
  • CTR
  • CVR

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TikTok Ads audience Business Intelligence

Cohort Analysis 

Cohort analysis helps you analyze your customer behavior patterns and identify valuable customer groups for retention.

With cohort analysis, you can understand how much revenue a new customer will generate over time, and identify how long it takes until customer acquisition cost (CAC) is returned.

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Cohort Analysis  -  Business Intelligence

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